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Seattle Credit Union is a full-service mortgage lender. Our specially trained mortgage experts have years of experience working with borrowers to find the right loan. Because Seattle Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, our primary goal is helping our members get the best mortgage for them. We make sure that you'll be able to afford your mortgage now and for years to come.

Even if you have less-than-perfect credit, Seattle Credit Union may have a program that could save you money every month or get you into your next home.

Whether you need a mortgage to buy a new home or you are looking to refinance your existing loan, Seattle Credit Union has what you need. In either case, our low rates and fees will help save you money over other lenders.


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When you are ready to apply for a home loan, you can do it online and get an answer fast, often within just a few hours. If you start the application and need to get more information to answer one of the questions, you can save the application and come back later to complete it.

Once you have completed the application and approval process, you have the option to go to any of our branch locations to sign your documents. We will bring your loan papers and a specially-trained lending professional to whichever location is most convenient for you and have you on your way as quickly as possible.

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Free Home Buying Education

FREE Home-Buying Education

Well-informed homebuyers are on the best path to enjoying successful and sustainable homeownership. CreditSmart® increases your financial understanding by teaching life-long money management skills.

CreditSmart® Online Training Topics Include:

  • Your Credit and Why It Is Important
  • Goal Setting and Becoming a Home Owner
  • Thinking Like a Lender 
  • and Many More

 Real Estate Services 

Seattle Credit Union Real Estate Services — a better way to buy or sell your home

We’ve partnered with independent, certified real estate agents to help you through every step of the process when buying or selling your home. Although you must enroll and be a member of Seattle Credit Union, the service is free!


Why enroll?

  • The home buying and selling process can be complicated, and we’re here to support you with personalized service—answering questions, helping you avoid pitfalls, understanding the fine print, and anything else you need.
  • You’ll have access to a select group of real estate professionals and member advocates who provide proven, exceptional service.
  • Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll get a 20 percent cash rebate on the real estate agent’s commission after closing to use for anything you choose, be it a home improvement or that great vacation you’ve always dreamed about.
  • After you've bought your home using a Seattle Credit Union Real Estate Services agent, you’ll get help settling in, including setting up your utilities, a free home security system, and discounts at retailers like Home Depot. 

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Real Estate Services are provided by Prime Alliance Real Estate Services, LLC. Prime Alliance is not an owner or subsidiary of Seattle Credit Union. Certain restrictions apply. Offers subject to change without notice.


Mortgage Loan Officer

One visit to Seattle was all it took for Penny to know the Emerald City would be her home. A former California and Mississippi native, Penny loves Seattle’s beautiful scenery and relaxing, genuine atmosphere. She brings over 24 years of experience to Seattle Credit Union in both the commercial real estate and mortgage sectors, as well as a passion for serving the underserved: those who have historically been marginalized or never envisioned they’d own a home.

“Every borrower is a story,” she says. “Underdog or not I learn their narrative, who they are, what brought them to this point, and what their dreams are.” In doing this, Penny is able to package personalized products and services to help all members turn their dreams into reality. Her ultimate goal as a loan officer? To build the best home-buying experience possible. “I love it when borrowers tell me they feel like they’re my only client,” she says.

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, give Penny a call at 206.455.5228 or email her at

Heather S.

Heather Sanneman
Equity Loan Officer

Heather never imagined she’d pursue a career in finance. As a child, she told people that she would become a teacher. Her first job as a teller changed all of that. Now, she’s an equity loan officer with over ten years of experience in the banking industry. And while she may not spend her days in a classroom, she relishes the opportunity to teach members about their financial situation and the products and services that will help them meet their financial goals. Specifically, Heather helps members access the equity they have in their home and put it to use, whether it’s a home improvement, paying for school expenses, consolidating debt, and more. She is a trusted resource for members and wants each one of them to reach and maintain financial stability unique to their needs and goals. Heather, along with her entire team, knows the ins-and-outs of the mortgage industry here in Seattle and has successfully guided members through its complexities for years.


Heather knows that her work isn’t just about moving money around – it’s about helping members achieve the unique milestones that will impact their lives for years. If you’re in the market for a home equity loan, give Heather a call at 206.398.5687 or email her at

Seattle Credit Union Mortgages

A Mortgage for Every Borrower

Because every borrower is unique, Seattle Credit Union offers a variety of mortgage options. From fixed-rate loans to first-time homebuyer programs, Seattle Credit Union has the home loan you need. Our portfolio of low-rate mortgage products includes:

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages - 10, 15, 20 and 30-year
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) - 3/1, 5/1, and 7/1 ARMs
  • Jumbo Mortgages (Over $417,000)
  • Undeveloped-Land Loans
  • VA Loans
  • First-Time Homebuyer Loans
  • Fixed-Rate No Fee Refinances

Call our mortgage experts at 206.398.5888 or email to see which program is best for you. Or, click the button below to apply online.

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fast closing costs

Free, Fast Pre-Approvals

Having a pre-approval can be the difference between having the winning offer on your next house and watching some other family move into your dream home. Before you start shopping, talk to our Mortgage Center Pros and see how much home you can afford.

You can have an answer in just a few days, and Seattle Credit Union doesn’t charge pre-approval fees like some other lenders.

home insurance icon


Protect your home from damage and theft. Through our arrangement with Travelers Insurance, you can get the coverage you need with exclusive savings offered to Seattle Credit Union members. Get a free, no-obligation quote by calling a licensed insurance representative at 800.842.5936.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does Seattle Credit Union offer mortgages?

    Seattle Credit Union is a full-service mortgage lender. Our specially trained mortgage experts have years of experience working with borrowers to find the right loan. Because Seattle Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, our primary goal is helping our members get the best mortgage for them. We make sure that you'll be able to afford your mortgage now and for years to come.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • What is a mortgage?

    A mortgage is a loan secured by your home. Mortgages can be used to purchase homes and property, to refinance an existing home loan, and in some cases to provide cash or pay off other debt.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • What is an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)?

    An ARM is a mortgage loan that has an interest rate that can change periodically during the life of the loan. Most ARMs are subject to change only once per year. Some can have a fixed interest rate for a specified number of years at the beginning of the loan and then change annually after that. For example a 3/1 ARM has a fixed rate for the first three years of the loan and then can change once a year after that.

    Your loan documentation will specify how often your rate can change as well as the minimum and maximum amount it can change each period and how much it can change over the life of the loan.

    When the rate on an ARM changes, the payment will change. That’s why your Seattle Credit Union mortgage expert will be sure that you can afford your loan at the initial rate as well as at the maximum rate. The last thing you want is to have your payment increase beyond what you can afford to pay. Seattle Credit Union is dedicated to making sure that our members don’t find themselves in this situation.

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  • How long will it take to fund my mortgage loan?

    Seattle Credit Union strives to have all approved mortgage loans funded within 30 days of approval. However, between approval and funding there are a number of things that need to happen, including:

    • Verification of income and other application data
    • Appraisal of the property and dwelling
    • Review of the title records associated with the property
    • Creation of the loan documents

    Some of these steps happen quickly, but others can be subject to scheduling concerns and the volume of loans in process. Your mortgage expert will be able to give you a more concrete timeline as you move through the process.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • How much money do I need for a down payment for a mortgage?

    Down payment requirements will vary based on the mortgage program you are interested in and your individual financial situation. Talk to your Seattle Credit Union mortgage expert for information specific to you and your loan.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • What paperwork do I need to include with my mortgage application?

    Your mortgage expert will be able to tell you specific documents you will need, but these documents are commonly requested:

    • Tax returns or other proof of income, including documentation of any supplemental income you receive from sources other than your primary employment, such as rental or investment income.
    • Recent bank and/or brokerage statements. This may also include paperwork for your retirement assets
    • A list of your recent addresses, usually two years’ worth.
    • The purchase or sales agreement if you have already made an offer on a home or condo.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • How long does it take to get a mortgage application approved?

    The approval process is dependent on the number of applications received, but usually only takes a couple of days, once we receive a completed application.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • What are points in relation to mortgages?

    Points are fees you pay to a lender when you fund your mortgage in exchange for a lower interest rate. Seattle Credit Union offers programs with points and without points. Talk to your mortgage expert to determine whether paying points makes sense for you.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • What is escrow?

    In many cases the lender who holds your mortgage loan will be responsible for making sure that your property taxes and property insurance premiums are paid in a timely fashion. To do that, your lender will collect a certain amount above your designated monthly principal and interest payments and hold it in an account, called an escrow account. Sometimes you will see this amount listed with your regular payment as “T&I” When your tax or insurance payments come due, the lender will pay them from this escrow account.

    Because taxes and insurance can change from year to year, the amount you pay each month can change as well. Each year your lender will provide you with a statement showing how much they’ve paid for taxes and insurance on your behalf and what they expect to pay in the current year.

    You may be eligible to pay these items yourself, which would remove any escrow payment from your monthly payment.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • Will Seattle Credit Union sell my mortgage?

    Seattle Credit Union does sell some of our mortgage loans on the secondary market. However, unlike some lenders, we always retain the servicing of the loan. That means that when you make your monthly payment or have questions about your home loan, you can always deal with a helpful, friendly Seattle Credit Union representative.

    Learn More About Mortgages

  • Can I refinance (refi) my mortgage with Seattle Credit Union?

    Whether you are buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage to save money or get cash, the mortgage experts at Seattle Credit Union’s Mortgage Center can help you get the right loan for you without the headaches of the typical mortgage process.

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Home Loan Workshops
We offer individual informational sessions on credit and home financing at our downtown location. To schedule your personal appointment, email us at or contact us at 206.398.5888.

Personal Finance Workshops
We offer individual informational sessions on credit and home financing at our downtown location. To schedule your personal appointment, email us at or contact us at 206.398.5888.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Seattle Credit Union's Mortgage Center at 206.398.5888 or

Seattle Credit Union’s Low Rates and Fees Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Save with Low Rates and Fees

As a co-op, Seattle Credit Union strives to provide the best rates possible for all of our mortgage products. That means you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage by choosing Seattle Credit Union versus another lender. Compare our rates, fees, and closing costs with other lenders to see how much you could save.

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What our members are saying:

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"We have our closing this evening and I wanted to thank you for all the work you put into our multiple (and future) loans with you. It is such a pleasure to work with you on these. You understand all the issues, are very helpful, responsive, and you've given me a lot of confidence in having our mortgages with Seattle Credit Union. We are so grateful for your hard work, friendliness, and expertise."

- Joel

"I could not be more satisfied. Despite the length of time, my agent was continuously responsive and helpful at every step, often well after 5 PM. I always knew where we were in the process and what was coming next. They worked very hard to get the three refis correct and balanced them out so we were not out of pocket any money."

- Marco L.

"We really appreciated the great experience you provided for our mortgage loan. Your communications were timely. You led us through the process step by step. And you were so fast in getting the process completed! It was really refreshing to work with you."

- Chris