Business Credit Cards

The SMCU Business VISA Credit Cards offer simple, easy-to-use financing options with the great rates and low fees that SMCU is known for. Choose the card that best suits your needs. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already established, we have the credit card to help you and your business prosper.

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SMCU Business VISA

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Find the SMCU Business VISA® that's right for you!

Entrepreneur Secured Business VISA

Even if your business is just getting started, you need to have a credit card. This card helps your business start building credit without the worry of getting over your head since your card is backed by funds you have on deposit. There’s no annual fee, and your limit is equal to the deposit you have securing it. Rates for the SMCU Entrepreneur Secured Business VISA range from 8.99% to 16.99%.


Enterprise Business VISA

The SMCU Enterprise Business VISA is designed for businesses who need a credit card but aren’t heavy credit card users and don’t want to pay an annual fee. When an opportunity arises to grow your business, you can take advantage by using your VISA line of credit without having to go through the process of applying for a whole new business loan. Like the Entrepreneur VISA, this card has no annual fee and variable rates between 8.99% and 16.99%.

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Executive Business VISA

If your business is established and you use a credit card for routine expenses, like travel or supplies, you’ll want to take advantage of everything our Executive Business VISA has to offer. Like our other cards, you’ll get the great service you expect from SMCU. You’ll also get UChoose Rewards®, a robust rewards program that lets your redeem points for everything from cash back to travel and merchandise. There is a $50 annual fee and rates range from 9.99%
to 17.99%.

Business Line of Credit

Whether you use it as a safety net or a resource to take advantage of opportunities to grow your business, a revolving line of credit from SMCU can be just what you need, right when you need it.

Overdraft Protection1

In business your reputation is the most valuable asset you have, one that can take a hit when you accidentally overdraw your account. An overdraft protection line of credit can help you maintain your good payment history while you wait for your receivables to come in.

SMCU Business Overdraft Protection features:

  • Available interest-only payments,
  • No pre-payment penalties, and
  • Quick access to funds.

Secured Line of Credit2

Many opportunities require fast access to cash and don’t wait for you to go through the process of securing special financing. Don’t miss out on the chance to grow you business. Prepare ahead of time by opening a Seattle Metropolitan Secured Line of Credit.

SMCU Secured Lines of Credit feature:

  • Line amounts up to $250,000. Higher limits may be available based on the details of individual applications.
  • Rates indexed to Prime
  • A rate discount for automatic payments.


1SMCU Business Overdraft requires the payment of a $50 annual fee and $5 per transfer into the associated SMCU business checking account.2SMCU Secured Lines of Credit require the payment of an annual fee of 0.75% of the credit limit. Lines will be evaluated periodically. Any line deemed nonrenewable will be called or converted to a term loan with a maximum repayment period of 60 months. 3Title fees, other third-party fees, and a $250 documentation fee may apply.4SMCU Equipment loans require a $250 documentation fee. Certain third-party fees may apply.5Third-party costs may apply.6 Business loan rates are based on a combination of factors, including personal and business credit history, loan to value, guarantor strength, cash flow coverage, as well as the unique characteristics of the loan you are applying for.7A documentation fee of $250 may apply.8Rates may increase if collateral value is deemed to no longer be sufficient for the loan amount. All Business and Commercial loan rates are based on a combination of factors, including personal and business credit history, loan to value, guarantor strength, cash flow coverage, as well as the unique characteristics of the loan you are applying for.