Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is a not for profit credit union that is owned by its membership, not shareholders as in the case of for profit corporations. The credit union membership elects a set number of board members to serve three year terms on the Board of Directors. An election for open positions on the Board of Directors is held annually. Terms are staggered to maintain continuity of three positions each year. The results of each of the annual elections are announced at the Annual Meeting of the Membership as well as in multiple credit union communications, immediately following the meeting date.

The current Directors are: Shari Storm, Todd Boze, Bruce Stedman, James Trefry, Robin Shuler, Lawrence Metz, and Andrea Fall Zachary.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the credit union to insure that the credit union is adhering to its established policies and fiduciary responsibilities in the interest of the membership. This is done through several board sub-committees that may occasionally include non-elected volunteers or advisors. These committees and their current members are detailed below.

The membership also elects an independent Supervisory Committee to monitor the action of the Board of Directors and to review the financial and operational audits of the credit union, and to serve as the tellers of the annual election. You may view information about committee members below.

Vote for your 2017 Board of Directors

2017 Volunteer Elections

It's almost that time again to exercise your rights as a member by electing volunteers to represent you on SMCU's Board of Directors. All members in good standing are entitled to a vote in SMCU's 84th Annual Volunteer Elections.

Voting takes place between Monday, February 13, 2017 and Friday, March 10, 2017.

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Shari Storm

Shari Storm

Shari Storm was elected to the SMCU board of directors in 2015. She has been a member of SMCU since 2013.


Shari spent 16 years as an executive at a Seattle area credit union. She is now the owner of a consulting company called Category 6 Consulting.


She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and her Master's in Business Administration from Seattle University.


During her time at Verity Credit Union, she was named CUES Rising 100 and The CU Times Women to Watch. Under her leadership, her credit union was named an innovator of the decade by Net Banker and featured in Banker Director's Magazine as a top innovator in 2012.


Her book, Motherhood is the New MBA: Using Your Parenting Skills to be a Better Boss was published by St. Martin's Press. The book has received tremendous press, including Time Redbook magazines, Martha Stewart's radio, BusinessWeek online, the Costco Connection and the cover of the Metro News New York, to name a few.


Share speaks around the country on a variety of topics.


She lives in Edmonds with her three young daughters and her movie-making husband and a fish named Finn.

Todd Boze

Todd Boze

Todd Boze has served the Credit Union community since 1989 when he volunteered at Chevron Credit Union/Credit Union Northwest serving as a Supervisory Committee Member & Supervisory Committee Chair, as well as a Board Member and Board Chair. Upon completion of the merger with SMCU, he continued serving as an Associate Director. Mr. Boze has been elected to the board twice and has served in multiple capacities as Governance Committee Chair, Nomination Committee Chair and Board Vice Chair.

Mr. Boze has a Bachelor’s Degree from Seattle Pacific University in Management and Marketing and a Master’s degree from the Naval War College in Strategic Studies and Homeland Security. Mr. Boze holds a NCUA Certified Credit Union Volunteer designation and multiple education awards; including the Berengren, Desjardines, Doig, Filene, Herring, Maxwell, and Raiffeisen Award. He has also earned the Board of Directors, Regulatory Compliance, Leadership and Technology Awards.

Mr. Boze’s business experience includes over 20 years in the telecommunication industry in implementation and management, including several initial system build-outs along the West Coast. He has been a Coast Guard Reservist for 30 years, and is currently a Lieutenant Commander serving as CG District 13 Senior Reserve Intelligence Officer.

Bruce Stedman

Bruce Stedman

Bruce Stedman was elected to the SMCU Board of Directors in 2016. He brings to the position skills and abilities attained from over 37 years in Public Safety. He spent 31 years with the Alhambra Fire Department in Southern California, where he held the ranks of Firefighter up to Fire Chief. In 2010, he and his wife, Susan moved to the Pacific NorthWest where he assumed the position of Fire Chief in Arlington, Washington. In 2014, he was asked to take on the additional responsibilities of Public Safety Director to overhaul the beleaguered Police Department.


His educational background includes a Master's Degree in Emergency Services Administration, a Bachelor's Degree in Vocational Studies and is a graduate of the California Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Program. He is a committed educator and has taught management and public safety in both the Community College System and/or State University System for over 20 years.

James Trefry

James Trefry

James was elected to the SMCU Board of Directors in 2016 and has been an SMCU member since 2014. A life-long resident of Washington State, James believes in the positive impact SMCU has on our members lives and in our communities, and that is why he is serving as a Director. 


James brings integrity, vision, leadership experience, and strong analytical skills to the Board. His background includes extensive experience in policy-setting and legislation, as well as human resources and compensation. Throughout his two decade career, James has been responsible for analyzing and troubleshooting public sector budgets and funding issues and negotiating collective bargaining agreements across Washington State.


Currently, he is the Labor Program Manager and Lead Negotiator for the City of Bellevue. Prior to working at Bellevue, he served at the Washington State Council of County and City Employees for over a decade, most recently as its Public Safety Director. As a volunteer, he has held numerous elected leadership and appointed positions with a variety of non-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental entities.


He graduated from Gonzaga University School of Law and also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government, with a minor in Economics from Eastern Washington University.

Robin Shuler

Robin Shuler

Robin Shuler was elected to the SMCU board of directors in 2016. He has been an SMCU member since 2004. As a passionate member and director, he enjoys working to assure first class fiscal management, stability, customer service, and transparency.


Robin is an experienced finance and operations executive with over 25 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer and executive in a variety of industries and businesses, including significant nonprofits. Currently, he works as a financial consultant and serves for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations as an Interim CEO/CFO/COO/Executive Director.


Robin's CFO experience includes Qualis Health, W&H Pacific, Applied Geotechnology Inc., Abacus Engineered Systems, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Benaroya Hall, and Seattle Symphony, among others. His Board experience includes AGI Technologies, Mustard Seed Associates, and Group Health Foundation. He's the Past-President of Financial Executives International (Washington State Chapter) - a nonprofit membership organization for financial management professionals, and was an honoree/finalist for the PSBJ nonprofit “CFO of the Year” in 2009.


Robin is a licensed CPA in Washington. He's earned an MBA in Finance from University of Puget Sound and BA in Accounting from Seattle Pacific University. He lives in Kirkland with his wife, Ellen.


Lawrence Metz

Lawrence Metz

As a long time credit union advocate, Lawrence is honored to serve on the Board of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union Directors.  He started his credit union service in 1985 on the Board of Directors of the Firefighters First Credit Union (FFCU), six of those years as Chairman of the Board.  During that time, FFCU grew in asset size and strength, while remaining focused on member service.  Lawrence received his Certified Credit Union Director (CCD) designation from the Credit Union Executive Society in 2001 at the London Business School and was again certified by the Credit Union National Association in 2009.


Lawrence believes that service to our members must always be a priority as it is what distinguishes SMCU as a leader in the field, and that SMCU must have a Board of Directors with a growth strategy to remain relevant. Growth gives a credit union strength and that provides safety for members.


Over his 36 years with the Los Angeles Fire Department, Lawrence was part of a management team involved in daily staffing, personnel safety and training, and fire ground tactics and strategy. He was a liaison for the Department with emergency responder agencies from county, state, and federal agencies before retiring in 2008. Lawrence is excited to continue his volunteer service at SMCU.

Andrea Zachary

Andrea Fall Zachary

Andrea is a Seattle native who spent 10 years working on Wall Street in the financial services industry. Her expertise is in institutional investing, trading and operations in both the equity and debt markets and her financial services experience makes her uniquely qualified to understand the challenges that financial institutions are facing in this increasingly regulated industry. She has developed a keen international insight as a result of both living and working abroad that will contribute to a shared understanding of the geo-political landscape affecting the financial sector and inform strategic planning decisions for SMCU.


Prior to her career in finance, she was Director of the World Trade Center Seattle (WTCSE) where she engaged in corporate underwriting and public affairs. Prior to that, she served in the public sector as a press officer for United States Senator Slade Gorton. Andrea is honored and excited to have this opportunity to serve the SMCU members!

Frank Mathews

Frank Mathews, Director Emeritus

Frank Mathews was elected to the Board of Directors in 1993 and served as Board Chair from 1999 through 2001. He has also served as Board Historian and Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee.

Frank was hired in 1964 as Administrative Assistant to then-CEO Tony Marino (at that time the credit union was known as City Credit Union). When Tony retired in 1971, Frank became Treasurer/Manager (later President/CEO)until he retired in 1992. In 2002 the Washington Credit Union League chose Frank Mathews to receive their Mark of Excellence Award, an annual award given to one individual for giving 25 years or more of service to credit union members and the Credit Union movement in the State of Washington.

Mr. Mathews has a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington. He also is a graduate of CUNA School, University of Wisconsin. Mr. Mathews has completed all levels of continuing education offered to credit union directors, receiving the Filene, Raiffeisen and Bergengren awards.

He originally joined the credit union when he became an employee in 1964.

Supervisory Committee

Members of the Supervisory Committee

• Sandra Philbrook, Chair 
• Gary Skinner, Secretary 
• Ken Astrein
• Deborah Atkinson
• Binah Yeung

Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 12334
Seattle, WA 98111-4334

The Supervisory Committee is available to review any questions or concerns regarding the safety and soundness of the credit union by contacting them directly at the PO Box above or email below. For any comments or concerns about standard operational issues, please use one of the options on the Contact Us page so we can start working on your request right away.

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SMCU Committees

Members of the Finance Committee

• Andrea Fall Zachary, Chair 
• Robin Shuler
• James Trefry
• Jason Elliott
• Richard Romero

Members of the Nominations Committee

• Shari Storm, Chair 
• Bruce Stedman
• Lawrence Metz
• Jill Vicente

Members of the Governance Committee

• Todd Boze, Chair 
• Robin Shuler
• Lawrence Metz
• Tonita Webb

Members of the Executive Committee

• Shari Storm, Chair 
• Todd Boze
• Lawrence Metz
• Richard Romero