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Are you tired of banking as usual with its singular focus on ever-growing profits? Have you had enough of being a tiny cog in the machinery of a gargantuan financial engine? 

Wouldn't you rather keep more of your money and use it for the things that are important to you? Wouldn't you prefer to have a voice in how the organization that takes care of your finances is run?

If so, it's time to switch to Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union and start enjoying the freedom of credit union membership. 

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Membership is Open to Anyone in Washington State

If you live or work in the State of Washington, work for one of our Select Employer Group partners, or are a relative or domestic partner of an existing Seattle Metropolitan member, you're eligible to become a member. 

All it takes is a few minutes and a couple of clicks. You could be finished before the end of your lunch break and on the road to taking back control of your money. Click the button below to get started.

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Note: Please do not submit multiple applications. If you are interrupted or experience any problem, please call 800-334-2489 and we will personally assist you with your application. 



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